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Certified Judges & Clinicians

Country Namesort descending Certification Effective Date Certification Expiry Date Clinician
IT Italy Marco Corvaro Contact October, 2011 January, 2020
SI Slovenia Barbara Čuk Contact August, 2005 January, 2018
JP Japan Sachiko Ishikura Contact October, 2010 January, 2021
IT Italy Nadia DeVecchi Contact December, 1995 January, 2020 Clinician
CA Canada Tracy Eyssens Contact May, 2015 July, 2020
CA Canada Amy Kalin Contact December, 2011 July, 2020
JP Japan Mari Kinoshita Contact August, 2008 January, 2020 Clinician
FR France Sylvie Jankovic Contact January, 2008 January, 2021
US United States Sarah Enos Contact January, 2006 January, 2020
FR France Aline Simonotti Contact December, 2008 January, 2020
JP Japan Masako Kondo Contact October, 2009 January, 2018
NL Netherlands Johnny Warnimont Contact February, 2014 January, 2020
CA Canada Tonya Lee Contact January, 2011 April, 2020
JP Japan Maiko Inada Contact May, 2015 January, 2020
US United States Donna McAtee Contact July, 2002 January, 2020
JP Japan Keiko Mizuno Contact August, 1996 January, 2020 Clinician
CH Switzerland Massimo Ostini Contact October, 2011 January, 2021 Clinician
unknown England Zoey Gillis Contact January, 2020 Clinician
JP Japan Naoko Matsumoto Contact May, 2015 January, 2020
IT Italy Jennifer Catterin Contact July, 2002 January, 2020 Clinician



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