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Certified Judges & Clinicians

Country Name Certification Effective Datesort ascending Certification Expiry Date Clinician
JP Japan Chiho Honjo October, 2009 January, 2018
mtakahashi's picture JP Japan Mikiko Takahashi October, 2009 January, 2020
msaito's picture JP Japan Maki Saito October, 2009 January, 2021
JP Japan Masako Kondo October, 2009 January, 2018
sreschke's picture DE Germany Stephanie Paulus-Reschke February, 2009 January, 2015
DE Germany Leona Muskat February, 2009 January, 2020
aomerzu's picture SI Slovenia Anita Omerzu January, 2009 January, 2020
asimonotti's picture FR France Aline Simonotti December, 2008 January, 2020
JP Japan Satomi Okoshi August, 2008 January, 2021 Clinician
sirion's picture DE Germany Sabrina Irion August, 2008 January, 2017
DE Germany M Wolein August, 2008 January, 2013
mkinoshita's picture JP Japan Mari Kinoshita August, 2008 January, 2020 Clinician
sgjørtz's picture NO Norway Stine Gjørtz March, 2008 January, 2018
brousset's picture FR France Benjamin Rousset January, 2008 January, 2021
sjankovic's picture FR France Sylvie Jankovic January, 2008 January, 2021
jhannah's picture US United States Jenny Hannah January, 2008 January, 2020
tyogo's picture JP Japan Terumi Yogo August, 2007 January, 2020
NL Netherlands W Rotteveel November, 2006 January, 2012 Clinician
US United States M Burgess July, 2006 January, 2020
US United States Sarah Enos January, 2006 January, 2020



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