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Certified Judges & Clinicians

Country Name Certification Effective Date Certification Expiry Datesort descending Clinician
epaluck's picture CA Canada Elan Paluck October, 2011 July, 2020
IE Ireland Auveen Lynch September, 2016 September, 2020
IE Ireland Sarah Sexton September, 2016 September, 2020
US United States Kelly Miller-Mullins October, 2010 November, 2020
IE Ireland Julie Hanna January, 2017 January, 2021
mjohnson's picture CA Canada Maureen Johnson January, 2017 January, 2021 Clinician
BE Belgium Olivia Vaes January, 2017 January, 2021
mvanekern's picture NL Netherlands Marie van Ekern December, 2010 January, 2021
lmarcus's picture US United States Lori Marcus October, 2010 January, 2021
stroy's picture IE Ireland Susan Troy January, 2017 January, 2021
IE Ireland David Doyne January, 2017 January, 2021
US United States Sarah Enos January, 2006 January, 2021
jchamberlain's picture US United States John Chamberlain February, 1996 January, 2021
leishastrachan's picture CA Canada Leisha Strachan January, 2004 January, 2021
jrobertson's picture unknown England Jo Ann Robertson February, 2012 January, 2021 Clinician
JP Japan Satomi Okoshi August, 2008 January, 2021 Clinician
JP Japan Yoriko Tanaka October, 2013 January, 2021
IT Italy Simona Moncada October, 2010 January, 2021
IE Ireland Aisling Hayden January, 2017 January, 2021
US United States Kellie Donovan-Perelman August, 2011 January, 2021



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