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Certified Judges & Clinicians

Country Name Certification Effective Date Certification Expiry Date Cliniciansort ascending
US United States Tracy Hughes October, 2010 January, 2020
IE Ireland Linda Yeates January, 2017 January, 2022
rkirihara's picture JP Japan Rieko Kirihara May, 1997 January, 2020
US United States Julienne Close-Walsh July, 2002 November, 2023
kgenton's picture CA Canada Kim Genton March, 2012 June, 2023's picture HU Hungary Márton András Rátkai June, 2020 June, 2024
kkobayashi's picture JP Japan Kazuyo Kobayashi May, 2015 January, 2021
US United States Jason Lee January, 2010 January, 2021's picture US United States Sara Stanley May, 2019 November, 2023
mtakahashi's picture JP Japan Mikiko Takahashi October, 2009 January, 2020
lmarcus's picture US United States Lori Marcus October, 2010 January, 2021
BE Belgium Olivia Vaes January, 2017 January, 2021
ysaitou's picture JP Japan Yuko Saitou October, 2013 January, 2020
DE Germany M Wolein August, 2008 January, 2013's picture ES Spain Joaquin Bermudez Valdivia September, 2014 September, 2024
jlemiere's picture AU Australia Joanne LeMiere October, 2017 January, 2023
CA Canada Kiera West December, 2016 January, 2021
JP Japan Sachiko Ishikura October, 2010 January, 2021
US United States Donna McAtee July, 2002 July, 2023



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