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World Baton Twirling Day

The WBTF Athletes’ Commission aim to increase awareness and participation in our beloved sport of Baton Twirling world-wide, by celebrating our annual World Baton Twirling Day on April 10!


Whether you are twirling for the first time, you're an x-professional or anything inbetween, get involved with celebrating our sport in 2020! Make sure you sign up as a World Baton Twirling Day Participant to be the first to receive all the updates and catch more info on Instagram or Facebook. This year’s official routine is coming soon!

How to participate:

1. Spread the word and begin making your creative plans to video your routine and celebrate
2. Use the World Baton Twirling Day music below and learn the official routine as a basis, so we are all twirling together, but remember to adjust the choreography to your own ability levels and creativity!
3. Add your own beginning (32 counts) and end (16 counts) choreography to the routine to show the world your unique style and ability!
4. Perform and video your routine in any creative way you choose
5. Post your video on social media on April 10th and make sure you use the hashtag #worldbatontwirlingday
6. Celebrate on April 10! And remember to tell your local media about it (see Media Release Template below)

Join us and baton twirlers all over the globe coming together to spread the love of our sport. We look forward to celebrating our 4th annual day with fellow twirlers around the world and making April 10th a day to remember via online and offline media!

2020 THEME

This year's theme is COUNTRY COLOURS - we're celebrating how far and wide our sport has spread across the globe, so show us your colors! No matter what club, school, town, state or country you are from, world baton twirling day is about celebrating our sport with your colours! 


The official routine will be released at the end of February with the link posted here on this page… get ready!


We want as many people to know about World Baton Twirling Day as possible, so remeber to let your local TV, radio, blogs and social media accounts about your fun plans to healp spread the word!



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