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Focusing on 3-Baton Fundamentals

Three Baton, “from the beginning with 2-baton ...” with the “Master of Multiple Baton” Ginnette Groome. Ginnette takes you from the very beginning of proper and safe 3-baton coaching. She gives you step-by-step methods of what to do in developing your 3-baton athletes by starting with 2-baton essentials which lays the foundation for 3-baton.

2 years 3 weeks
Focusing on Body Combinations with Thomas Johansen

In this video you will learn baton and body combinations like you’ve never seen before! His uncanny approach is so unique and mesmerizing you’ll think he’s floating on air … and he’ll show you his secrets!

2 years 1 month
Focusing on Pairs Fundamentals

Are you new to the Freestyle Pair discipline? Daniele gives you a basic, yet comprehensive look at the components of the discipline. In addition, he shows video examples of various Pair ingredients from the entry level to upper levels of proficiency.

2 years 2 weeks

The following individuals have been instrumental in inaugurating and developing the World Baton Twirling Federation:

4 years 5 months
FRANCE 7 years 3 weeks
France WC Selection
8 years 4 months
Germany WC Selection
8 years 4 months
Getting To Know Poreč

The video below shows the Poreč area and competition venue.

6 years 1 week
Grand Prix Music

The official IBTF Grand Prix music is attached below.

3 years 10 months
Grand Prix Results - Day 1

Complete results from Day 1 competition can be found on the

7 years 1 week
Grand Prix Results - Day 2

Complete results from the second day of competition can be found on the

7 years 1 week
Great Articles from MY TWIRL - TWIRL OUR WORLD

Great Articles from MY TWIRL - TWIRL OUR WORLD - Sept. 2018 

3 years 6 months
Historical Results
3 years 6 months


4 years 5 months
How to Construct Solo Routines

Kyle guides you through solo routine construction with tips and an emphasis on the B and A level. You will even get usable material to start a good base for your routines. PUTTING IT TOGETHER with International Coach, Kyle Keiser!

2 years 3 days


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