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Scotland WC Selection
6 years 1 month
Seminar: Compulsories & Short Program (European Championship Judges)

All judges for European Championships must attend and complete this seminar on Compulsories and Short Program.

3 years 2 weeks
Set A - C1

Enter Score

3 years 11 months
Slovenia 4 years 10 months
Slovenia WC Selection
6 years 1 month
Sonia Joy McKell

12th July 1956 to 18th March 2004

12 years 4 months
Spain WC Selection
6 years 1 month
Star Line Baton - Batons for Now and Beyond

6 years 3 weeks
Star Line Baton Company

2014 World Championships

World Record Book

2016 World Championship

1 year 9 months
Stockton Arena and Area

The map below shows the relative locations of the 2017 Pan-Pacific Cup competition venue (Stockton Arena) and the hos

4 years 3 months
Sweden WC Selection
6 years 1 month
SWITZERLAND 4 years 10 months
Switzerland EC Selection
6 years 2 weeks
Switzerland Open International Competition

Switzerland is hosting an Open competition in 1,2,3 batons and Artistic Twirl and invites all athletes from WBTF and

1 year 7 months

The Association For International Sport for All

4 months 3 weeks


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