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Jackie Inglis Gillies

In Memory of
Jackie Inglis Gillies
June 7, 2017
Glasgow, Scotland

5 years 5 months
Japan 7 years 4 months
Japan WC Selection
8 years 8 months
Judges Workshop - Switzerland

Clinician: Xavier Papin

8 years 3 weeks
Jurgen Ernst

Frankfurt, Germany
MARCH 31st, 1941 to JULY 6th, 2002

14 years 10 months

WBTF has received notice of the passing of Ken Sasser.  


5 years 7 months
Ken Sasser

In Memory of
Kenneth Richard Sasser
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5 years 5 months
Learn the "Brown" and "Singer" Rolls

In this 47-minute video, Maureen brings another collection of skills to the video screen. In a 'class' setting with one of her students, Maureen teaches some iconic rolls - the Brown Roll (named for Alison Brown), the now-iconic Singer Roll (name for Stacy Singer), some vertical and horizontal contact material for all levels of development, and some exercises for demi-pointe strength and hip flexibility. This is a MUST-HAVE for athletes and coaches alike.

2 years 3 months
Learning 3-Baton Essentials with Jennifer Marcus Schwartz

Being the “3-Baton Diva of the World” Jen breaks down the essentials that all coaches and athletes should know: Pendulums, Crescents, Vertical Boxes, Horizontal Showers, and Bowling Pins... all staples of the 3-Baton discipline.

2 years 4 months
Learning opportunity for WBTF Master Judges and Coaches!

The Italian Federation, FITw,  has organized a Roll Clinic based upon WBTF's newly proposed Judging System for Freest

1 month 1 week
Leonie Frazer

Leonie Frazer started her twirling career with the Rooky Hill RSL Youth Club Baton Twirlers over 20 years ago.

8 years 8 months
Level One Coaches & Judges Certification


3 years 1 month
Livestream Link: Opening Ceremony

The livestream link for Sunday August 4:

3 years 4 months
Livestream Links: Day 1

UPDATE... For Monday August 5, there are 3 Livestream links:

3 years 4 months
Livestream Links: Day 2

The Livestream links for Tuesday August 6:

3 years 4 months


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