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Focusing on 3-Baton Fundamentals

Three Baton, “from the beginning with 2-baton ...” with the “Master of Multiple Baton” Ginnette Groome. Ginnette takes you from the very beginning of proper and safe 3-baton coaching. She gives you step-by-step methods of what to do in developing your 3-baton athletes by starting with 2-baton essentials which lays the foundation for 3-baton.

1 year 11 months


1 year 11 months
Learning 3-Baton Essentials with Jennifer Marcus Schwartz

Being the “3-Baton Diva of the World” Jen breaks down the essentials that all coaches and athletes should know: Pendulums, Crescents, Vertical Boxes, Horizontal Showers, and Bowling Pins... all staples of the 3-Baton discipline.

1 year 11 months
Strengthen Horizontal and Vertical Contact with Maureen Johnson

This 53-minute video is CHOCK-FULL of valuable instruction for all coaches and athletes alike. She will take you the Back Pack monster roll variation, a vertical contact series, a horizontal contact series, and special exercises “at the barre” to help refine body technique for all athletes.

1 year 11 months
Focusing on Body Combinations with Thomas Johansen

In this video you will learn baton and body combinations like you’ve never seen before! His uncanny approach is so unique and mesmerizing you’ll think he’s floating on air … and he’ll show you his secrets!

1 year 11 months
TwirlNations On Demand Launches

Athletes around the world have annually looked forward to and enjoyed TWIRL NATIONS clinics held at each international competition. During this pandemic, sadly, TWIRL NATIONS clinics cannot be held but the WBTF is hosting the next best thing...


1 year 11 months
Master Judge Workshop (North America) 2 years 4 weeks
Master Judge Workshop (Europe) 2 years 4 weeks
Announcing the New Virtual WBTF Master Judges Workshop!

The WBTF Executive Technical Committee announces the formulation of a virtual online WBTF Master Judges Workshop.

2 years 2 months

March 25, 2020 - WBTF has officially postponed the WBTF European Cup in Blanes, Spain and the 35th WBTF World Champio

2 years 3 months


2 years 3 months
2021 World Masters Games - Kansai Japan

The year after the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the World Masters Games will be coming to Kansai.

2 years 4 months
2020 Pan-Pacific Cup Photos - Online Order Form

Onsight Photo, the exclusive photographer at the 2020 Pan-Pacific Cup, has an online order form for anyone interested

2 years 4 months
Video: Revised Short Program Element 6 (Contact Material)

NOTE: September 13 changes have been approved and are included in the attached written description. The changes bring the written description into alignment with the demonstration video.

September 20: one additional correction has been included.

February 21: The demonstration video has been updated, and the Body Work coaching videos have been removed.

2 years 4 months
2020 World Championship Judge Selection Assignments

The video used in the 2020 World Championship Judge Selection process is available for use by WBTF Master Judge Clini

2 years 4 months


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