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Benefits of Membership

Build credibility by identifying with the leading global baton twirling organization.  WBTF has more than 200,000 member athletes, coaches, and adjudicators from 23 countries and is the only globally-recognized accrediting organization for coaches and adjudicators.  

Grow your organization professionally with opportunities for continued education. WBTF is the leader in industry standards and practices and trends for the sport.  We offer excellent training materials in standardize training methods.  Regional conferences and occasional webinars are also great opportunities for professional development.

Join an extended network of member country organizations and officials working in the sports movement where Member Associations have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, share common concerns and debate solutions.

WBTF on an International and World Level

  • Provides competitive opportunities for all ages and levels of play (e.g. junior, seniors, adult)
  • Administrates formation and promotion of world class events
  • Guarantees a standard of excellence for participation at international events (e.g. Cup Competitions, World Championships)
  • Guarantees fair play and high standards of judging
  • Develops and maintains a pipeline of development from junior to elite level athletes.
  • Maintains a drug-free environment for competitive play.
  • Recognizes outstanding achievement within the sport (Hall of Fame, Age group and Elite athlete recognition).
  • Fosters and maintains a leadership position within the international community.
  • Actively serves its sport/activity for the benefit of all.  Financial gains are being reinvested in the development of the sport/activity.
  • Supports the World Anti-Doping Code and enforces its anti-doping practices. 
  • Takes measures to promote fair play, athletes’ health, high standard arbitration and clear competition rules on an international level.
  • Continues its mission to advance the profession and provide the support and tools coaches and judges need, our member countries can focus on what truly matters:  the athletes and making the world a better place.This page needs to be written.


To become a member of the World Baton Twirling Federation, contact the WBTF President.