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2016 World Championships Music Test Draw

February 1, 2016 - Paola DeMarchi, WBTF Technical Chair, today announced the result of the Music Test draw for the 2016 World Championships, to be held in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Specific times will be communicated to countries closer to the competition date.

August 9
August 10
1 Sweden   1 Scotland  
2 Croatia   2 Norway  
3 USA   3 England  
4 Brazil   4 France  
5 Germany   5 Italy  
6 Spain   6 Japan  
7 Switzerland   7 Canada  
8 Belgium        
9 Slovenia        
10 Ireland        
11 Netherlands        
12 Australia        

As approved at the 2013 Winter Board Meeting, countries will be required to pay a facility rental fee for their music test time and they also can choose to forfeit their music test time.

Countries must indicate, no later than June 15 if they will or will not be using their allocated music test time. Countries must also indicate if they are interested in obtaining additional time if it becomes available.

Any time slots that are not used will be allocated to other interested countries. The final schedule, and invoices, will be sent out to the countries by June 22.