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Announcing the 2017 TWIRL NATIONS CLINIC!


Visit the WBTF Store to register.


International Cup Coatia - Saturday, August 12th

US $40.00 for everyone who pre-registers online via WBTF Website by July 15th.
US $55.00 or €60.00 if registering on-site at the International Cup

This 2-hour clinic begins 30 minutes following the the Awards Ceremony for Level B & A athletes. (An approximate starting time will be announced in late June).

All of the classes will be repeated to give everyone the chance to experience two classes.

Our ALL-STAR Coaching Staff

This is the ULTIMATE Coaching Staff assembled. This Staff represents the ‘best of the best” and will be sharing their material and expertise with YOU! This truly is a RARE opportunity to experience this much QUALITY in one clinic.

The classes cover ALL aspects of a comprehensive baton twirling curriculum and will surely appeal to ALL athletes and coaches of ALL levels.

  • ALEXANDRA BOISSINOT and BERTRAND ROYER, France, will present PAIR twirling like you’ve never seen it before. Both are truly ICONIC in the world of twirling and have been instrumental in creating the French styling that is emulated worldwide today.
  • GINNETTE GROOME, USA, returns once again to share her THREE BATON expertise. Known as the world’s “guru of three baton” this will be a class for all juggling twirlers.
  • SEISHI INAGAKI, Japan, will amaze you with his skill of TWO BATON combinations. Needing no introduction, just saying “Seishi” and you know you’re getting the “best of the best” from this gold medalist and SUPERSTAR.
  • MONICA LEE, USA, the ultimate stylist and movement expert will delight with her ARTISTIC TWIRL combinations. Monica’s choreography is fresh, fun, and fabulous!
  • MAUREEN JOHNSON, Canada, will be conducting a special Coach’s Class on SOLO ROUTINE CONSTRUCTION. This class is geared to give coaches a clear perspective on how to construct a solo routine, an event that is becoming crucial for twirlers’ development. Maureen is a true MASTER so all coaches will not want to miss her Master Class.
  • CHIHARU TACHIBANA, Japan, former world champion and “world class diva of baton” will deliver her twirling “pizazz” while offering outstanding EXPRESSIVE TWIRL COMBINATIONS. Learn her methods for style and class!
  • DANIELE ZAMBITO, Italy, joins our staff this year for the first time. Known as an exceptional freestylist, Daniele will be teaching BODY AND BATON COMBINATIONS applicable for freestyle, solo twirling, and even artistic twirl. Come experience his characteristic charisma.