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Announcing the newly reformatted Online WBTF Master Judges Workshops

Save the 2021 Dates!

The newly reformatted workshop will be divided into 3 sections to accommodate online learning.   Each section will be offered twice to help all interested people find a date that is suitable for their schedule.  


  • The workshop dates have been revised January 2021 since first published. 
  • Registration is now available.

·   There are 2 Time Options available each day for each section of the workshop to accommodate all the different time zones. 

  •  It will not be possible to “re-test” a section during this course offering. (Example:  if you do not pass the Short Program section during the first time offered in Option # 1, you may not re-take that section again during the second time offered in Option # 2.

·   Master Judges may register for any section for seminar credit but must attend both days.    

·   Coaches are welcome to register for any section.

Who may attend?

Current Master Judge who would like to attend to update their certification date

Anyone who would like to become a WBTF Certified Master Judge

Any professional WBTF member (Coach) who would like to come and sit in and observe how the judges are trained.  Think of it as a coaches training session from a judges point of view.  Come for ½ day, full day or both days. All professional members, 18 years or older, may attend judges’ workshops for information purposes, and attendees must be 18 years or older to test for certification.


Must be a member in good standing of their WBTF member country.  New applicants must purchase WBTF Judges Manual.  Current judges should have the current WBTF Judges Manual.

Advance Preparation

Participants wishing to test to become a WBTF Master judge must be familiar with the material in the Manual and role model video examples

Materials needed

WBTF Master Judges Manual (mandatory) $35.00 US* (Purchase from WBTF website)

Follow this link to order the manual:

Notebook, post-it notes, pens, high lighter

You must order the manual in advance from the WBTF Store on the WBTF Website.  *The manual is only sold as downloadable files.     

Note:  Manual not mandatory for Coaches Sit In

The following pages display the Scheduled Dates and Times for each session: 


SHORT PROGRAM SECTION 1 - DAY 1:   Friday, March 5 / Saturday, March 6   (Depending on your location) 

Intro to Short Program -  (approx. 1 ½ hours in length

SHORT PROGRAM SECTION 2 - DAY 2    Saturday, March 6 / Sunday, March 7   (Depending on your location) 

Short Program Workshop & Practical Exam -  (approx. 3 ½ hours in length)

REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE WITH THIS LINK:                                                                                                                  Registration Deadline for the Short Program Section is February 15, 2021.


FREESTYLE SECTION 1 - DAY 1:   Friday, April 9 / Saturday, April 10   (Depending on your location) 

Intro to Freestyle - (approx. 1 ½ hours in length)

FREESTYLE SECTION 2 - DAY 2:    Saturday, April 10 / Sunday, April 11   (Depending on your location) 

Freestyle Workshop & Practical Exam  - (approx. 3 ½ hours in length)

REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE WITH THIS LINK:                                                                                                                  Registration Deadline for the Freestyle Section is March 19, 2021.


PAIR & TEAM SECTION 1- DAY 1:   Friday, May 14 / Saturday, May 15  (Depending on your location) 

Intro to Pair & Team - (approx. 1 ½ hours in length)

PAIR & TEAM SECTION 2 - DAY 2:   Saturday, May 15 / Sunday, May 16  (Depending on your location)  

Pair & Team Workshop & Practical Exam - (approx. 3 ½ hours in length)

REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE WITH THIS LINK:                                                                                                                  Registration Deadline for the Pair & Team Section is April 23, 2021.


Download the information below for specific times for each session. 

Each session has two time options each day to select from for registering to attend.