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Dance Twirl to GET HERE

To the BEAUTIFUL and emotion tune, “GET HERE” by Oleta Adams, Thomas will teach you artistry and expression at its absolute finest.

His movement and combinations can be adapted for all levels of athletes and coaches will be rejuvenated with original and inspiring ideas.

This material can easily be used for Artistic Twirl and Freestyle and will give athletes that “special look of quality” that will label them as a twirling “artist”.

To purchase this video or any other in our TwirlNations LIbrary, visit the WBTF TwirlNations On Demand page.


About the Clinican

Thomas Johansen is a professional dancer and baton twirler.

He began with baton when he was 10 years old, which later led him to start dancing at the age of 19.

Throughout his career as a dancer/performer, Thomas has worked all over the world with different styles.

Within twirling, he has been giving workshops in many countries, emphasizing body-baton fluidity and unique personal expression.

For several years he was the national coach for the Swedish baton twirling federation.