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Focusing on Pairs Fundamentals

Are you new to the Freestyle Pair discipline? If so, this video is for you.

Daniele gives you a basic, yet comprehensive look at the components of the discipline. In addition, he shows video examples of various Pair ingredients from the entry level to upper levels of proficiency.

This 37-minute Pair introduction video is concise and will surely be beneficial to the coach just beginning with the Pair discipline.


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About the Clinican

Daniele started Twirling in 1998 at the age of 10, and competed until 2018. In 2002 he competed at his first world championship in Canada.

Daniele says his most memorable accomplishments include:
* Two gold medals (freestyle and pair category) at the European championship in 2011
* Silver medal (pair) and bronze medal (team) at the world championship in 2012
* Gold medal in team category at the European championship in 2017
* Three times finalist in freestyle category at the world championships (2002-2008-2014)

In 2012 Daniele started his career as a coach and collaborated with the Norwegian federation. Daniele continues to work with the Hungarians as a trainer for the athletes and coaches. In addition, he also coaches and train several baton clubs in Italy.