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Level One Coaches & Judges Certification


The World Baton Twirling Federation is committed to continual learning and skills enhancement. In this pursuit, the WBTF Technical Committee has created a Level One Coaches and Judges Certification.

The objective of the course is to provide insights on the most salient issues facing Baton Twirling today, from a joint coaches and judges perspective.

The first day of the course will dive deep into the mechanics and delivery of key fundamental skills, and the necessary progressional model required for success. The second day will address the B level of solo, artistic twirl and teams for coaches and judges alike.

In addition to the core learnings of the course, the program is designed to provide a parity of understanding across the world, and enable the participants the opportunity to return to their countries, and adopt the gold standard practices into their local operating models of coaching and judging.

This is a unique learning opportunity. In part because you are with your peers from around the world, having the opportunity to collaborate on the learning and adoption of these new strategies, with our global leaders. Anyone wishing to obtain, or already has, clinician status, is highly recommended to take this certification.

Course will be delivered by Jean Michel Ruelle, WBTF Coaches Chair and Jackie Stewart the WBTF Judges chair.

The very first combined workshop will be hosted by The Jewel of Atlantis Baton & Dance Competition March 19-20, 2020, Nassau, Bahamas. The USTA is the official Education Sponsor at the Atlantis competition. Register online for the Level One Coaches & Judges Workshop at