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Moscow Open Baton Twirling Championship 

Moscow Open Championship held February 6, 2016.

In the championship was attended by more than 200 athletes from different cities of Russia. The following groups were represented:

1. "Istra" hands. Bykova Lily, Bykova Polina (Istra)

2. "Take a step" hands. Yakushina Anastasia (Moscow)

3. "Modern" hands. Grishniaia Nadegda (Moscow)

4. "Astra" hands. Brezhneva Elena (Tula)

5. "Rhythms of the city," the hands. Gurieva Natalia (Dobryanka)

6. "CSKA-Prime", the hands. Fatkulova Rosa (Moscow)

Traditionally, the Moscow Championship was awarded the national prize in the field of dance art «National Awards» on the basis of 2015 from the All Russian Baton Twirling Federation.

The winners of the awards were:

1. "The best team of the year" - National collective "Istra", heads Bykova Lily, Bykova Polina  (Istra)

2. "Best Coach of the Year" - Natalia Gurieva, head of the team "Rhythm City"  (Dobryanka)

3. "Best referee" - Peregudova Nadegda (Kolomna)

4. "Discovery of the Year" - a team of "Astra", the head of Brezhneva Elena (Tula)

5. "For contribution to the development direction of" Sports Majorettes "- a team of" Modern ", the head of Grishniaia Nadegda (Moscow)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for their contribution to our common cause!

Also, the winners of special nominations were determined by the results of the judges of the Championship:   "Golden Baton" - Solozobova Tatiana ("Istra" team)

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