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Three Baton Development Series

A series of “3” FOR 3-BATON from the ULTIMATE “AUTHOR” of multiple-baton herself: GINNETTE GROOME!

Video #1: “The Science of Three Baton”

Back to basics and understanding the dynamics of 3-Baton, Ginnette gives you the “science” behind the discipline that will set you on your way to mastering all the juggling techniques.

Video #2: “The Juggles Continue”

The second video of Ginnette’s series continues with how two-baton impacts three-baton sequences.  You’ll learn about high-low, stacks, triple tosses in addition to drills, series, transitions, rolls, and contact material. This is a real “must have” in order to continue your path to 3-baton success!

Video #3:  “The Complete 3-Baton Package”

The third and final video in Ginnette’s series focuses on the more challenging 3 baton basics with variations; You will learn about vertical showers, Horizontal showers, Bowling pIns, Triple tosses adding double releases, variety of release and catch, high / low and some design suggestions...

These videos are available separately or as a complete series - PURCHASING THE ENTIRE SERIES IS GREAT VALUE COMPARED TO BUYING EACH VIDEO SEPARATELY!

To purchase this video or any other in our TwirlNations LIbrary, visit the WBTF TwirlNations On Demand page.


About the Clinican

Ginnette is recognized as a Master of 3-Baton:

  • USTA Certified Coach, Master Judge
  • Coach of US World Team members / IC athletes and medalists since 1991
  • Coach of many State, Regional and US National Champions
  • Coaches internationally in both Canada and Europe
  • Specialist in Coaching / Judging Multiple Baton Events
  • Helped write the 2/3 baton sections of the WBTF Coaches Manual. level 2
  • Past NY State, NE Regional and US National Champion in 2 and 3 Baton
  • USTA’s first Grand National 3 Baton Champion. 
  • Was honored to have the US Grand National 3 Baton Cup named after her.
  • Has served on the US Technical Committee and Essentials Commission, helping to create and establish the current USTA Compulsory and Movement Technique levels.
  • Nationally Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist since 1992
  • Certified Qigong / Tai Chi Instructor

Ginnette is a technician. She promotes correct technique and patience when it comes to learning and perfecting baton skills. 2 and 3 baton have been events that she excelled in as an athlete and now as a coach and judge, she has taken on the role of sharing her expertise through educating athletes and professionals alike. Her approach is systematic, in order to develop the understanding, progression, strength and focus to participate in the multiple baton events.

Ginnette is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist in NH.

She has an active lifestyle; traveling, coaching / judging baton, maintaining her established massage therapy practice and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong.    

As a wholistic practitioner she educates her patients and athletes about health - “promoting wellness through awareness and balance.”