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TwirlNations On Demand Launches

July 10, 2020 - Exciting news! You asked for it so here it is!

Athletes around the world have annually looked forward to and enjoyed TWIRL NATIONS clinics held at each international competition. During this pandemic, sadly, TWIRL NATIONS clinics cannot be held but the WBTF is hosting the next best thing...


This exciting addition to the on-going educational programs of the WBTF features online class sessions conducted by some of the best and most famous clinicians in the world. These are “Master Classes” geared to everyone, especially coaches and athletes wishing to learn on the various topics within the WBTF competitive structure.

Want to learn how to begin twirling Three Baton? Our sessions can teach you!

Want the coolest and trendiest moves from top professionals? We’ve got that for you, too!

Want to learn from the creator of champions?  Yes, they are here for you!

TWIRL NATIONS ON DEMAND covers solo construction, artistic twirl, two-baton, three-baton, rolls, contact material, pairs, teams, body training, acrobatics, and much, much more!  Online classes are being added weekly - providing options to suit your wants and needs. "TNOD" will be populating its library continuously and will cover everything ANY twirling fan wants to know and learn.

Famous clinicians from around the globe will surely spark your motivation and inspiration. Norway, Canada, the USA, France, Italy, Japan, are just a few of the nations represented within this exciting “library of greatness”!

The Twirl Nations On Demand library is hosted on the world's leading professional video platform -

Check out WBTF on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, on WBTF.ORG for more information and how to purchase these MASTER class sessions!

Twirl Nations On Demand launches today with two exciting classes:

  • Focusing on Body Combinations with Thomas Johansen. Thomas is a professional dancer and baton twirler. Throughout his career as a dancer/performer, Thomas has worked all over the world with different styles and within twirling he has been giving workshops in many countries, emphasizing body-baton fluidity and unique personal expression. In this video you will learn baton and body combinations like you’ve never seen before!
  • Strengthen Horizontal and Vertical Contact with Maureen Johnson. Maureen’s students have represented Canada at the World Championships each year since the first WBTF World Championship in 1980. They have captured Gold medals in Junior and Senior Women, Junior and Senior Pair, Senior Men, and Team, plus many top ten finishes. This 53-minute video is CHOCK-FULL of valuable instruction for all coaches and athletes alike. She will take you the Back Pack monster roll variation, a vertical contact series, a horizontal contact series, and special exercises “at the barre” to help refine body technique for all athletes.

New video will be added to the WBTF TwirlNations On Demand page weekly.