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Video: Junior Short Program - Demonstration

This film has been produced to show the start and finish position for each element. The video has been done twice to show the grand jeté and illusion on both the right and left leg.

The aim of the video for the Junior Short Program is only to demonstrate the starting position of each required element. The written description of the required element is the only correct interpretation.

Please note the following clarifications and corrections to video: 

  1. Required Element No 5: Tendu L is count 8. Count 1: close the right foot into the 5th position relevé LF front.
  2. Required Element 6: CONTACT MATERIAL has been changed effective September 1 2019. The description of the new element and video is available: Revised Short Program Element 6.
  3. Required Element No 7: REVERSE ILLUSION: The athlete's arms should end in a low V at the end of the reverse illusion.