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Thanks to and WBTF's premier sponsors, Star Line Baton Co. and Osamu Band & Baton Co. for helping the WBTF to provide the live streaming webscast opportunity to all of our friends and families around the world! 

LIVE STREAM AND REGISTRATION DETAILS:   The live stream will be available on the newly constructed portion of site which will be launched on July 1st 2014. Registration will take place for the Live Stream.  Those that pre-register by July 15, 2014 will be able to register for $25US and will have their name submitted three times for a prize draw for accommodation, event tickets and a portion of travel a voucher for airfare to 2015 International Cup in Canada. Those that register after July 16, 2014, will pay a fee of $30US  and will have their name submitted once for a prize  draw for accommodation, event tickets and a portion of a travel voucher for air fare to next year’s International Cup in Canada.

Please register early to benefit with the reduction in price and number of ballots for the prize draw.   A video to advertise the livestream will be out in the next week. Check the facebook and WBTF Website. 


      Last year an opportunity was offered to the countries and clubs to send a video of well wishes to their athletes and to the other competitors.  If your country has an event they       would like to advertise that would be acceptable as well.

      The cost is $200US and can be sent through PayPal to [email protected].  Deadline is July 15, 2014 but the sooner the better!  Contact BatonBiz as soon as possible if         your team, club, business or country is interested in participating.    

      If you have any questions about any of these items please contact  Myra Kirk at [email protected]

      Thank you for your support!