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WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Amelie Nilsson, President SBTF - Sweden

WBTF Board Representative Spotlight – 2021

WBTF wishes to spotlight our member representatives to the Board of Directors during the next few months.  We thank each of them for sharing a little information about themselves and what their goals are for the future in baton twirling.

The Spotlight is on Amelie Nilsson, President SBTF - Sweden:  Svenska Drillförbundet SDF

Country & Name of Federation:


1. When and how did you get involved in baton twirling? *
I started as active many years ago in 1984 when I was part of Helsingborgs Drumcorps twirling section. We did many tours and performances around Europe for many years until about 1994. A few years after that I startes my own Twirlingassociation that is still active today as a part of our top elite in Sweden.

2. What leadership positions have you been part of in your country? *
I have been leader of twirling association, leader of Technical Commission in Sweden and now President for Sweden

3. How long have you represented your federation in the WBTF? *
Since 2017

4. What do you believe is your strongest asset as the WBTF representative of your federation? *
In Sweden we have done a great job the last few years of working together with all our committees. To communicate is my and our strength in our federation to bring out the best of Sweden for the WBTF

5. What do you envision for baton twirling in your country in 10 years? *
I envision that we have a strong section with majorettes as well as we have today with our acticve within our gymnastic twirling section. I also envision and hope that we have a strong regrowth to build our sport on for the future of Baton Twirling in Sweden.

6. Do you have an occupation outside of baton twirling? *
I work within the corporation of Circle K

7. Tell us a little about yourself … (i.e. family, pets, hobbies, awards, interests, etc.) *
I live in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden where we arranged Eurotwirl in 2013 and World Championships in 2016. I live with my family, husband Stephan, two children Filippa 8 years and Alexander 12 years and our dog Kajsa. We live really close to the sea and love to hang out on the beach in the summer. We also love to go skiing in the Alps in winter times. I have also always had a big interest beside twirling with horses and has a lot of experience in this sport as well.

8. What is one thing that no one in WBTF knows about you. *
I´m a really good skier :)