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WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Joanne Moser, President CBTF - Canada

WBTF Board Representative Spotlight – 2021

WBTF wishes to spotlight our member representatives to the Board of Directors during the next few months.  We thank each of them for sharing a little information about themselves and what their goals are for the future in baton twirling.

The Spotlight is on Joanne Moser, President CBTF - Canada:

Country & Name of Federation:


1. When and how did you get involved in baton twirling? *
My daughter began taking lessons from Maureen Johnson in 1999. I started out as a parent volunteer.

2. What leadership positions have you been part of in your country? *

I was the national First Vice President and am now the President.

3. How long have you represented your federation in the WBTF? *
7 years


4. What do you believe is your strongest asset as the WBTF representative of your federation? *
I am a confident public speaker, I have a strong business background, and I am always looking for opportunities to give my knowledge to and volunteer for the WBTF to improve its ongoing operations and finances.

5. What do you envision for baton twirling in your country in 10 years? *
My vision for baton twirling in Canada is to have the sport be active in every province and gain national sport recognition in the next 10 years.


6. Do you have an occupation outside of baton twirling? *
I am a litigation lawyer plus I am the chairperson of two administrative tribunals.

7. Tell us a little about yourself … (i.e. family, pets, hobbies, awards, interests, etc.) *
I have two children who competed nationally and internationally in baton twirling. I take baton twirling lessons from Maureen Johnson. I am a WBTF Master Judge and a CBTF Judge. I also train in Olympic style boxing. In 2017 I was designated Queen’s Counsel, in recognition of my contributions to the legal profession and the community.


8. What is one thing that no one in WBTF knows about you. *
The secret will be out now - I have an irrational fear of bridges!