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WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Karen Cammer, President USTA United States of America

WBTF Board Representative Spotlight – 2021

WBTF wishes to spotlight our member representatives to the Board of Directors during the next few months.  We thank each of them for sharing a little information about themselves and what their goals are for the future in baton twirling.

The Spotlight is on Karen Cammer, President of USTA United States of America 

Country & Name of Federation:
USA- United States Twirling Association

1. When and how did you get involved in baton twirling? *
1958 my parents registered me for a program in my hometown of Huntington, NY

2. What leadership positions have you been part of in your country? *
2016-Present President U.S. Twirling Association 2019-Present National Board of Director, Amateur Athletic Union, USA(AAU) 2019-Present AAU Chair Law & Legislation 2019-Present AAU Chair of National Board of Appeals 2000-2008 Executive Director for the U.S. Twirling Association. 2008-Present AAU Metropolitan-NY District Sport Director for Baton Twirling Director of local, state, regional, national and international competitions for over 40 years Advisory Chair of the USTA Public Relations Commission. Member of the USTA National Board 6 years as Secretary/Treasurer President of the Northeast Regional Council (13 NE States), 40+ years. NY State Council President. NJ State Council President. Member/Chair of National Commissions: Presidents, Councils & Contests, Dance Twirl, Events. Director U.S. National Championship 10+ years. Director U.S. Team Trials for World Championships Team Director U.S. Pre Trials and International Cup Qualifiers Director International Open Contest hosting 20 countries in Hawaii. NGB Representative for the Sport of Baton, National Congress of State Games USA Tour Assistant Director to the World Cup and International Cup Championships. Honorary Lifetime Board Member of the New York Baton Council.

3. How long have you represented your federation in the WBTF? *
This is my 5th year representing the USA to the WBTF

4. What do you believe is your strongest asset as the WBTF representative of your federation? *
I believe the fact that I have been a member of the U.S. Twirling Association since its beginning in 1958 in addition to my serving in its governance and operations at the highest level gives me a strong foundation in understanding all aspects of the sport on both the domestic and international levels.

5. What do you envision for baton twirling in your country in 10 years? *
The U.S. Twirling Association for 63 years has continued to work toward a constant set of goals; strengthening its governance, training and events for the betterment of her athletes and professionals; to be a strong, healthy and financially stable sport federation with an extremely high standard of excellence and international respect.

6. Do you have an occupation outside of baton twirling? *
I am the Chief Financial Officer of one of the USA's largest youth basketball organizations which is a 501c3, I am the Chief Operating Officer for a 3-court sports facility and am a partner in a sports management consultant company.

7. Tell us a little about yourself … (i.e.: family, pets, hobbies, awards, interests, etc.) *
I am the mother of two great kids and grandmother to two wonderful grandchildren. I still live in my hometown (in my family's home). I love to read. I believe every day is a gift and an opportunity to learn something and be a better human being. For me, girlfriends are a life line and my closest friends are all because of my lifetime in baton twirling.

8. What is one thing that no one in WBTF knows about you. *
I think we all deserve to have at least one thing about our self that no one else knows...wink, wink!