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WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Motokai Tsuchiya, Board Representative of the Baton Twirling Associaton of Japan

WBTF Board Representative Spotlight – 2021

WBTF wishes to spotlight our member representatives to the Board of Directors during the next few months.  We thank each of them for sharing a little information about themselves and what their goals are for the future in baton twirling.

Name: *
Motoaki Tsuchiya

Country & Name of Federation:
Baton Twirling Association of Japan

1. When and how did you get involved in baton twirling? *
In 1979.  My younger sister was taking baton lessons, and I used to take her to her classes.

2. What leadership positions have you been part of in your country? *
Board representative, Japan.  Deputy Executive Director of BTAJ. Director of International Relations, BTAJ. 

3. How long have you represented your federation in the WBTF? *
1980-1984: a World athlete representing Japan
1988- 2018: the official liaison/interpreter for the Japanese Association
2012- present: WBTF Sport Administrator
2019- present: a board representative, Japan

4. What do you believe is your strongest asset as the WBTF representative of your federation? *
I was a World athlete for Japan, from the 1st until the 5th WBTF World Championships.  I hope my experiences of being an athlete would add extra sights to the management of the National and the International Federations.

5. What do you envision for baton twirling in your country in 10 years? *
Our sport would be recognized as a true sport in Japan, so that our athletes would receive proper recognitions in the society, which they truly deserve.

6. Do you have an occupation outside of baton twirling? *
I work as an interpreter/translator, as well as a lecturer at a college.

7. Tell us a little about yourself … (i.e. family, pets, hobbies, awards, interests, etc.) *
My wife, June and I have two children; a 7 years old Luke (was an abandoned cat) and a 5 years old Timothy (flat-coated retriever).  They are so lovely, but can be very naughty when we are not watching.

8. What is one thing that no one in WBTF knows about you. *
At the 5th WBTF World Championship in Calgary, Canada in 1984, my sister Yasuko also represented for Japan as a senior woman's athlete.  That was Japan's first brother/sister athletes competing together in the same championship.