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JULY 8-12, 2020


WEBSITE GUIDE to buy TICKET for the competition.

1. Go to our official website

2. Go to the general menu in the left part of the website.

3. Click on Ticket Sales (ventra de entradas in Spanish).

4. You are now in the FEBD Ticket Sales website, only in Spanis. Pay attention!

5. By the moment you are able to buy only the PACK 5 DAYS TICKET for all the competition (from july 8 to 12 - Wednesday to Sunday).                                                                            You will have the opportunity to buy the individual day tickets soon.

6. For Pack 5 Days Ticket, go to “Abonos” and choose our event, the “EuroTwirl 2020”.   Prices are from 85€ to 125€.

7. Now you can see the hall picture with the public area in different colours (for different prices). You can see all this prices in the “Todos los precios” menu button.

8. Choose where you want to seat and, when you finish, click the yellow button  “Comprar” (to buy in Spanish). All taxes are now included.

9. Now you have to register! Go on the bottom of the page where you can see “¿Nuevo en nuestra web? Crear cuenta?”. Click here!

10. Information about you is needed: name (“nombre”),  surname (“apellidos”), your e-mail  (“email de confirmación”), repeat e-mail (“repetir e-mail”), phone numer (“teléfono”), zip
      code (“código postal”), password (“contraseña”) and repeat password (“repetir contraseña”). Now your date of birth (“fecha de nacimiento”) - day / month / year.

11. Time to pay! Click on the pay button (“pagar”) and introduce your credit card number,  your name and you CVV. YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS!


WEBSITE GUIDE to book your HOTEL for the competition.


1. Go to our official website

2. Go to the general menu in the left part of the website.

3. Click on Hotels (hoteles in Spanish).

4. You are now in “El Corte Inglés Deportes” website. There you have some information and the rooms every hotel offers. Choose one of them and click the reservation (“reservar”).

5. Now choose if you want to do an individual reservation or a reservation for a Club /Federation.

6. Introduce the different information they ask for (as in the tickets website).

7. Finally, define your reservation: name of the hotel (“alojamiento”), kind of room (“tipo de habitación”), number of rooms (“nº hab.”), entry date (“entrada”), exit date (“salida”).

8. Accept the different buttons and click and send it! (“enviar”).

9. Time to pay! You have to make wire transfer. They give all the information you need to do it. Now, your reservation have been finished.


If you need help or you have any question, send as a e-mail using the contact button on the general menu of our website.

Thank you and see you in sunny Spain next july.

Comisión Twirling de la FEBD.