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WORLD BATON TWIRLING DAY - From the Athletes Commission

A Message from Secretary of WBTF Athletes Commission and Team USA Athletes Representative:
Adaline Bebo, Secretary, WBTF Athletes Commission

We are preparing to celebrate this wonderful “sport” in the inaugural, and biggest baton twirling social media event, forever to be known as: April 10th - World Baton Twirling Day!

The Athletes Committee has learned so much this year about organizing the incredible ideas that we first brainstormed last August at our meeting in Sweden. I think the most powerful lesson we have learned is communication. Somehow, we have managed to make it happen amidst language barriers, different time zones, crazy busy life schedules (I emphasize the words crazy and busy!

What does matter, is what we do this week to prepare! We can do this by pushing hard and starting today for the success of World Baton Twirling Day (WBTD) 2017. In doing so, we can provide another validating resource used to enrich our members and communities, and advance the sport of baton twirling.

To members of All Baton Twirling Organizations:

The day is approaching and with it, an amazing step forward in the name of progress. I am so proud of what we have accomplished, and more than honored to call myself one of the founders of the Inaugural World Baton Twirling Day under your direction. With that being said, I issue this challenge to all of you, and anyone that we can inspire to take this pledge, regardless of organization, ability, or limitations:

Leaders Take the Pledge Below and Follow Directions to Meet Plan Objectives:

  • I pledge to make every effort in making the first World Baton Twirling Day a successful event for our sport!
  • I pledge to start a 7 (or 4,5,6,) day social media campaign starting on April 3rd (or adjust date) and leading up to WBTD on the 10th. An example would be instructional and inspirational posts that lead others to accomplish participation through education and awareness like sharing the demonstration video or official music with an explanation.
  • I pledge to provide clear and easy direction to promote inclusion for all those who wish to participate because as I have learned - this is the barrier that blocks success.
  • In order to do this, I pledge to provide materials that promote our goal to include: Official music link, Official Basic Routine, Instruction and Encouragement, to assist member and public participation.
  • I pledge to spread awareness of the steps we need to accomplish our final goal which include the following guidelines of participation.



  1. Make your best effort to learn the basic routine to the music provided or adjust to your own level of ability.
  2. Once you have learned the basic routine, next add an 8 to 16 count section of your own unique material to individualize your experience.
  3. Start the official music and perform your routine (basic plus uniquely you) a few times until you think you have it.
  4. Identify which method of video (cellphone, movie camera, other) that can easily upload to the social media outlets where you have the most followers. If you don’t have social media, camera, or knowledge - ask around or network with a group who does - please feel free to reach out for help from any of us!
  5. Now you are ready to make a video starring you, or even better, anyone you can recruit to learn this routine and perform it for the camera!  The more the better - Make this fun and memorable!
  6. SO ARE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO? Yes - if you have learned the routine and freestyled a little of your best stuff to the official music and/or gathered your friends, family and anyone who wants to give it a try (or even just cheer you on) - then now you are ready to support this important cause!
  7. Make your video and own it! Commit to this cause, don’t hold back! Make a mistake? Everyone loves Bloopers - blend it into the fun! Anything and everything is good because when passion is the input, then success will be the output.  I will love anything you post because you make the difference when all is said and done!
  8. Take Action and Post Your Video Anytime on April 10th, 2017 to bring awareness to baton twirling on the first ever World Baton Twirling Day. #WorldBatonTwirlingDay
  9. April 10th: Prepare to be Amazed! We have so much in common with more people than we think! Now, we have increased that number and are changing the future for baton by letting people know who and where we are!
  10. To leaders and participants: If you are already doing these things, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Volunteer time is often squeezed in and amongst our hectic lives. The little details count and I hope these last minute instructions are what you need to make this experience fun, memorable, and worthwhile.

Thank You for your contribution to the sport of Baton Twirling!