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Monday, April 10, 2017 - 00:00 to 23:45

Project: World Baton Twirling Day, April 10th, 2017

Goal: Make Baton Twirling Day 2017 a Huge Success!

Objective: Bombard Social Media on April 10th with thousands of videos from around the world that feature all of us bringing awareness to the sport of Baton Twirling through a unified plan of action. Thank you for honoring our new tradition in Baton and trying new things as we continue to make 2017: “The Year of the Twirler!”

Who Can Participate? Open To Participation regardless of skill level.

Participation Materials: Baton (or something similar if not available to you) Official Music, Willingness to Learn routine or modified Routine, Video Source like phone camera to record and upload your participation in the event, Social Media Outlet to post your event on April 10, 2017 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Live Feed, Youtube, Local News, Any creative outlet). Include #WorldBatonTwirlingDay

Official Music Link:

Official Basic Routine: Learn it Here!

Optional Leadership Opportunity: Be an Ambassador and Challenge yourself to a Charismatic Leadership Adventure! Take this pledge to educate and promote World Baton Twirling Day until April 9th, 2017 (the day before) and then honor your pledge by posting a participation video on April 10th to memorialize your contribution to the success of this event!