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Ireland 7 years 2 months
International Competition - Netherlands 2017

The last two years France held this International competition in Lille and Margny-lès-Compiègne!

5 years 6 months
International Baton Twirling Federation

International Baton Twirling Federation

4 years 8 months
Information for Judges about the IBTF Judge Seminars


1 year 8 months
IITALY 7 years 2 months
ICup Country Registration

Countries are asked to select a Registration time on one of the three scheduled days.

7 years 2 months
IBTF Website

Please go to the IBTF website for the most up-to-date information regarding the 2019 Grand Prix. This includes updated set systems, and day-by-day results.

3 years 1 month
How to Construct Solo Routines

Kyle guides you through solo routine construction with tips and an emphasis on the B and A level. You will even get usable material to start a good base for your routines. PUTTING IT TOGETHER with International Coach, Kyle Keiser!

2 years 1 month


4 years 6 months
Historical Results
3 years 7 months
Great Articles from MY TWIRL - TWIRL OUR WORLD

Great Articles from MY TWIRL - TWIRL OUR WORLD - Sept. 2018 

3 years 7 months
Grand Prix Results - Day 2

Complete results from the second day of competition can be found on the

7 years 1 month
Grand Prix Results - Day 1

Complete results from Day 1 competition can be found on the

7 years 1 month
Grand Prix Music

The official IBTF Grand Prix music is attached below.

3 years 11 months
Getting To Know Poreč

The video below shows the Poreč area and competition venue.

6 years 1 month


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