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The Federation Twirling Italia invites all WBTF members to the Grand Prix Italia 2021

FITw is pleased to invite everyone to the Grand Prix Italia 2021.

1 year 3 months
The 35th World Championship and WBTF 40th Anniversary Celebration!

WBTF will return to Italy for our 35th World Championship and 40th anniversary celebration August 1 to 7, 2022.  Meet

6 months 1 week
Techniques for Slap Catches, Fan Kicks and Back Neck Rolls

This 50-minute class-style video is full of valuable instruction for coaches and athletes alike - Maureen brings another collection of skills to the video screen. In a 'class' setting with one of her students, you will learn Slap Catches, so useful in today's contact material, Vertical back neck rolls, including the 'neck carry' variation, along with a a very useful tutorial in Fan Kink, a staple in all athletes' repertoire.

2 years 1 week
Technical Committee Meeting

The 2014 Summer Technicals Advisors Meeting will be held Tuesday August 5 at the Capital FM Arena, from 9:00 am (09:0

8 years 2 months
Team Genesis and the Story Behind the Perfect 100 Team

A Team Gets a 100…….The Story of ‘IMAGINE’ by Team Genesis.

1 year 6 months

The Association For International Sport for All

2 years 9 months
Switzerland Open International Competition

Switzerland is hosting an Open competition in 1,2,3 batons and Artistic Twirl and invites all athletes from WBTF and

3 years 11 months
Switzerland EC Selection
8 years 4 months
SWITZERLAND 7 years 2 months
Sweden WC Selection
8 years 5 months
Strengthen Horizontal and Vertical Contact with Maureen Johnson

This 53-minute video is CHOCK-FULL of valuable instruction for all coaches and athletes alike. She will take you the Back Pack monster roll variation, a vertical contact series, a horizontal contact series, and special exercises “at the barre” to help refine body technique for all athletes.

2 years 2 months
Stockton Arena and Area

The map below shows the relative locations of the 2017 Pan-Pacific Cup competition venue (Stockton Arena) and the hos

6 years 8 months
Star Line Baton Company

2014 World Championships

World Record Book

2016 World Championship

4 years 1 month
Star Line Baton - Batons for Now and Beyond

8 years 4 months
Spain WC Selection
8 years 5 months


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