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Alan Kramer

US United States

Contributed by Maureen Johnson – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Alan touched my life in so many ways. I knew and admired his twirling expertise for many years and marvelled at the magic he could create with that silver stick – a baton!

In 1982, when 8 year old Stacy Singer became the youngest Junior World Baton Twirling Champion, even I found the courage for help in keeping Stacy “at the top”. My twirling life and the twirling world in Canada changed for the better from that day forward.

An excitement and creativity came back that I had forgotten all about – twirling was fun again, challenging again, glorious, again.

Alan had the special gift of making you believe in yourself – but also never accepting a les than your best effort. His philosophy of life, twirling and competition affected all of us for the better. His legacy to me is far beyond twirling skills. He made me a better person and a better teacher. We bonded in a way that was the envy of many. I will never forget the good times over 15 years of mutually creative work. I will love him always.

For 15 years, the Buffalo Gals of Saskatchewan enjoyed the expertise of Alan Kramer. Alan was a self-taught baton twirling champion of many dimensions. His analytical approach to the mysteries of twirling brought a consistency to training that instilled confidence in all. Alan’s creativity contributed greatly to the development of baton twirling as a spectator sport.

We were all very fortunate to have worked closely with Alan from 1985 to 2000 and remember him with love and admiration. Learning to “count” Alan’s way will never be forgotten.

Here is a quote that Alan liked:

Remember me with smile and laughter...
For that’s how I’ll remember you.
If you remember me only with tears...
Then don’t remember me at all.