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Jurgen Ernst

DE Germany

Frankfurt, Germany
MARCH 31st, 1941 to JULY 6th, 2002

Jurgen was the World Baton Twirling Federation’s Treasurer from 1983 to 1992 and became the first Honourary Member of the WBTF in 1993.

Jurgen and his wife Barbara were married for 35 wonderful years. They were very much involved in the sport of baton twirling. Jurgen was President of the Deutscher Twirling Sport Verband for several years. In 1985, Germany hosted the world championships in Frankfurt, thanks to Jurgen’s determination and dedication.

Jurgen and Barbara always supported the World Baton Twirling Federation over the years and the last championship they attended was in Den Bosch 2000 where the photo was taken of the both of them. Jurgen and Barbara were planning to attend the 25th anniversary of the World Baton Twirling Championships in Osaka, Japan. Barbara stated, “Jurgen never thought of death. He always looked into the future.”

Barbara’s message to Jurgen – “We lived so long through happiness, joy and sorrow. Whatever we began, we were always together. Now you have left me, far away to our cloud. Keep a space free for me, until I once follow you.” The life of a human being who I have loved more than anything came to an end on July 6th.

Jurgen, you will always be remembered by the World Baton Twirling Federation. You are dearly loved and always will be remembered!