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Sandra Beumers

NL Netherlands

Sandra Beumers reached the age of 23 years. She passed away after a tragic car crash on March 30th, 2001. Together with her sister Marijke, Sandra formed a Pair. They participated in several World and European Championships. Sandra also was the team captain of the Dutch World Team in Den Bosch, Netherlands, where the team reached the Finals and finally became 6th. For the development of the sport in Holland, this was a true example and role model of dedication and hard work.

Sandra can be characterised as a very disciplined person, as well in her sport as in her work. She worked as a schoolteacher with very young children and also taught baton twirling in the same way. Whenever she worked with these youngsters there was always a smile on her face, furthermore she was always looking for new training programs and new methods to educate and motivate her athletes in a responsible way.

She had her own philosophy about performing and was very dedicated in setting goals and reaching them as well. Her creativity came back in everything she did, whether it was the Pair, the Team, the Group, her numerous Solo Freestyle and Danstwirl performances or the routines of her athletes.

She truly lived for our beautiful sport!

She was and will always be a true example and role model for our athletes.

We'll miss her but in our valuable memories we will always remember her smile, her dedication and her performances. We will never forget her.