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Technical Advisors Committee

Country Federation Representativesort ascending Title
rhernandez's picture Federación Española de Baile Deportivo Contact
pnoortheim's picture Nederlandse Twirl Sport Bond Contact
Russian Federation of Sport Choreography Contact
anna.compaore's picture Fédération Suisse de Twirling Bâton Contact
mstecca's picture Federazione Italiana Twirling Contact
Asociación de Batuteras Contact
jmruelle's picture Fédération Française Sportive de Twirling Bâton Contact
Baton Twirling Association of Japan Contact
mjohnson's picture Canadian Baton Twirling Federation Contact
Croatian Twirling Federation Contact
ndeelkens's picture Belgium Baton Twirling Federation Contact
srios's picture United States Twirling Association Contact
ekleive's picture Norwegian DanceSport Federation Contact
Czech Federation Majorettes and Twirling Contact
jpersson's picture Svenska Drillförbundet Contact
sjohnson's picture Australian Baton Twirling Association Contact
South African Baton Twirling Association Contact
pdemarchi's picture Federazione Italiana Twirling Contact
lisa's picture Norwegian DanceSport Federation Contact


The World Baton Twirling Federation is proud to acknowledge its sponsors and thank them for their continuing support...