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WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Bernadette Doyne, President BTSAI Ireland

WBTF wishes to spotlight our member representatives to the Board of Directors during the next few months.  We thank e

1 month 1 week
WBTF Board Representative Spotlight on Stefania Lenzini, President FITw Italy

WBTF Board Representative Spotlight 2021

1 month 2 weeks
Information for Judges about the IBTF Judge Seminars


1 month 3 weeks
Announcing the newly reformatted Online WBTF Master Judges Workshops

Save the 2021 Dates!

1 month 3 weeks
WBTF will be offering Short Program Evaluations for Athletes

The WBTF is offering an online Short Program evaluation program.

1 month 4 weeks
Two Baton Development

The Two-baton routine should include a variety of skills and should be constructed with logical transitions, patterns and directional changes. In this video, Two-baton expert and educator, Kathy Forsythe, explains it all and will set you on your way to success!

2 months 3 weeks
Two Baton Fundamentals

Making a Two-Baton Athlete... A good Solo twirler who picks up a 2nd baton will not necessarily become a skilled two-baton twirler.  A well trained two-baton athlete can TWIRL two batons rather than just executing isolated two-baton tricks.  In addition to the skills learned in solo, the two-baton twirler must learn correct timing and integration of BOTH batons.

2 months 3 weeks
Three Baton Development Series

A series of “3” FOR 3-BATON from the ULTIMATE “AUTHOR” of multiple-baton herself: GINNETTE GROOME! Each video in the series is one that you will reference over and over!

2 months 3 weeks

Sport Baton Twirling at its Best