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WBTF Coaches Training Program (1st Level)


The WBTF Coaches Training program (1st level) is designed to to help with the development of new countries, new coaches or for anyone who wishes to teach the basic technique of baton twirling. Following this program provides the correct fundamentals all athletes must learn in order to build a strong foundation that will allow them to reach the top levels of baton twirling.

The concept of the WBTF Coaches Training Program:

  1. to learn correct technique through the Basic Skills certification program (6 degrees), passing an examination for each level
  2. to start competing with the WBTF standard routine, using the skills that they have learned with the Basic Skills certification program
  3. for athletes to receive a gold medal before advancing to the next level.

When athletes have completed this program they are ready to progress to learning and competing in the International Cup Level B events of Solo, Two Baton, Three Baton, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pairs, Teams or Groups. The WBTF Technical Committee strongly endorses this program as a method of ensuring the athletes’ success in progressing from Level B to the higher levels in competition because of sound fundamental training.

The WBTF Coaches Training Program Package includes the following materials:

  1. Basic Skills Certification Program - DVD image (ISO)
  2. Standard Routine Video – DVD image (ISO)
  3. Standard Routine Music (MP3 file)
  4. WBTF Coaches Manual (PDF file)
  5. WBTF Coaches Manual Demonstration Video (Basic Twirl) - DVD Image (ISO)
  6. Warm-Up Demonstration Video - DVD image (ISO)
  7. WBTF Promotional Video - DVD image (ISO)

All of the above materials are available as downloadable files from your account on the WBTF website after you have made your purchase.

All materials in the WBTF Coaches Training Program Package are the property of the World Baton Twirling Federation. This program, like many valuable WBTF programs, has been developed over several years and by utilizing the talents and resources of a variety of dedicated coaches, twirling advocates, along with materials from our member federations, too.

Your purchase from the WBTF Store grants you a single-person license to use these materials. Copying or duplicating any of the material in the WBTF Coaches Training Program is expressly prohibited. Your ethical support of this effort by NOT COPYING OR NOT REPRODUCING these materials for others is respectfully requested.